Sunday, February 19, 2017

Could Carmelo Anthony Be The Piece The Celtics Need To Be A Contender?

Carmelo Anthony could be a Knick all season, but he also could get traded to a number of teams. An interesting thought is Melo going to the Boston Celtics. Now the Celtics in recent years has been a team that has made some crazy moves in the past. When they brought in Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen we all know how well that went. Could Carmelo give the Celtics what they need to compete with other teams in the East? Let's take a closer look at this idea and why it could become a reality.

Phil Jackson and The New York Knicks have been trying to move Melo for awhile now and without much success. They thought Cleveland would take him, but with Love going down that is very unlikely now. The Knicks now must look elsewhere and a interesting landing place could be the Boston Celtics.  Boston needs a player to help compete against the Cavaliers in the East and Melo could be that guy. He will give u 20 points a night which can be huge when playoff time comes.

The Celtics sit only 3 games behind the Cavaliers for best in the East. Isaiah Thomas has been carrying the Celtics, but I'm sure he would love some help against the Cavaliers in the playoffs. Like him or hate him Melo is an option that I'm sure Danny Ainge and the Celtics are looking real close at right now. With Brad Stevens as coach I'm sure he could get Melo to fit right in with the Celtics.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Does Lebron James Really Need That Much Rest?

The million dollar question in Cleveland, Ohio is how much rest does Lebron James really need. We have made it through half of the season and James is leading everyone in minutes played. For Cavalier fans they have taken notice and are starting to worry about the long term effect this could happen on James.

I have played sports all my life and I can tell you yes and no it can have an effect on you. During the season playing all the minutes can drag you down, but James is in great shape. The one thing the Cavaliers have going for them is they should have an easy time in the East when playoff time comes. This means you will want to get Lebron as many minutes off as possible. Saving his legs for the Championship is crucial if the Cavaliers want to win it all again.

If I was the Cleveland Cavaliers I would not worry if they are a one or two seed. With Lebron James they always have a chance. Getting him some rest during the second half of the season is something they probably should work on if at all possible. When playoff time gets here all players are tired, but winning an NBA Championship again will kill any fatigue a player might be experiencing.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Carmelo Anthony Getting A Raw Deal From The Knicks

Carmelo Anthony is a player that many people have various opinions on and how he hurts and helps a basketball team. Right now he plays for the New York Knicks, but they want to move him, but as of right now he still is a Knick. In my opinion Carmelo Anthony is getting a raw deal from the Knicks management including Phil Jackson. Let's look at why this could backfire in the Knicks face if they continue to go down this path.

The one thing the Knicks do not realize is Anthony wants to stay in New York and help turn the franchise around. There are not alot of players who want to do that in this city. The Knicks have struggled recently and they feel moving Anthony will make rebuilding alot eaiser, but the opposite will happen. One of the main reasons I say that is because players see how they are treating Melo. This means trying to lure free agents to the city will be much tougher.

Is Carmelo Anthony the best player around? No, but he is not a bad player and a good piece to build around. You get leaderships and a guy who will give you 20 ppg on average. He has not been injured very often and he wants to win. Why would you want to trade a player like that away. I guess he has rubbed some people in the Knicks organization the wrong way. Losing Melo will hurt the Knicks more then they think. Hopefully, the New York Knicks will rethink how they are handling this and change there attitude towards him before its too late.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Does Kyle Korver Make The Cavaliers Unstoppable?

The one thing you can say about the Cleveland Cavaliers front office they don't stop trying to make their team better. Adding sharpshooter Kyle Korver could be the difference between winning and losing  to the Golden State Warriors. Let's look at the impact Kyle Korver could have to the Cavaliers championship run.

Kyle Korver is a streak shooter and one of the best three point shooters of all-time. He has a percentage into the 40 percent range from behind the arc. He is a spot up shooter which fits perfectly into the Cavaliers offense. Lebron James and Kyrie Irving will find Korver and this will just make it easier for James and Irving. Teams now will have to pick there poison when it comes to the Cavaliers.

Korver could be the difference between a second straight championship or losing in the Finals. The Cavaliers know they need more fire power and Korver will deliver that for them. This is a great move on the Cavaliers part and could help them become Back to Back NBA Champions.

Can Clemson Stop The Alabama Runaway Freight Train?

Once again we have Clemson vs Alabama for College Football's biggest prize. Alabama was able to get the win last year in a high scoring game. This year's game should be just game should be just as interesting. Both teams have dominating defenses which have help carry them to this title game. Which team will come out on top this time around?

This time around we may see a different outcome or will we. Clemson can score points with the best of them and  can shut other teams down as well. Can Clemson find a way to beat Alabama this time around? I think they can, but they may need some help along the way. Getting a few turnovers will make it much easier for the Tigers.

Alabama is going to do the same things they have all year long and that is limit mistakes and rely on the country's No.1 defense to help seal a second straight National Championship. I think Alabama will find this game much tougher then last season. It's time for the prediction on who we see winning it all.

I really love Clemson and what they have done this season. Shutting out Ohio State is something that does not happen often. They are on a roll right now, but I just do not see a different result this season. Alabama is better on defense and defense win's championships. Alabama wins another closer one 28-27.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Ohio State Should Not Have Been In College Football Playoffs

No matter what excuse Ohio State fans may want to give themselves for the playoff loss they did not deserve to be in the college football playoffs. Clemson dominated them from start to finish and no one can dispute that one bit. Yes, the Buckeyes are young, but there was some veteran players on the roster as well. Penn State in my opinion was more deserving then the Buckeyes as they did play against one of the hottest teams in USC.

 The playoff committee needs to look deeper when they decide on who is in and who is out. Instead of looking at television ratings and the name pick the team that is hot, but also look at whom they have beaten and when it took place. Take the Buckeyes they beat an Oklahoma team that was not really playing well compared to the end of the season. These are important when making decisions about a team. Take USC as well they struggled early, but was a tough team to beat down the stretch. Ohio State was not even their conference champion, so that should have held a lot of wait with the committee, but apparently it didn't.

The committee did get Alabama and Clemson right, but most of us could have done that ourselves. Ohio State was not the fourth best team in country and we all see that, so hopefully the committee was watching and squirming in their seats.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What Can Penn State Do To Impress The Committee?

When the rankings were announced Penn State found themselves rated 8th which is not a bad position right now. The first thing that Penn State needs is some help and the best way to get that would be Ohio State to  continue to win. This would eliminate Michigan from the playoff picture. If Michigan wins out Penn State has no chance of making the playoffs. Besides Ohio State winning they need Louisville and Washington to struggle in their remaining games. Not likely, but Penn State fans can always hope.

The other thing the Nittany Lions need is to play in the Big Ten Championship game which still is possible. A dominating performance will go a long way in swaying the committee. For Penn State there best chance is have some teams to lose and continue to win. If Ohio State loses to Michigan the Penn State Nittany Lions will just be playing in a good bowl game. They just wont be playing for a National Championship. Penn State has come a long way this season and have many things to be proud of and who knows they may make the playoffs.