Monday, August 24, 2015

Can Jameis Winston Improve In Game 2

Jameis Winston did not look very good in his debut and it has many people wondering  if he will be an NFL quarterback. What many people tend to forget it is pre-season and it takes some time for a player to get use to the game. No matter how good you are the game is much different then the college game. In college you may only see a few exceptional players on a team. The NFL has them at every position which makes it a lot tougher.

Ball security is something Winston must always  keep in mind. If you are struggling just do not turn the ball over. When you do you will find a quick exit out of this league. Players who make mistakes are cut because teams know there is always someone waiting in the wings to take there place.

I personally  like Winston and what he can do for a team. If people give Winston time he should become a good NFL quarterback. In Tampa he has some very good receivers and coaches. His players believe in him and that is usually half the battle. Winston just needs to relax and perform better in game 2 of his career.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tigers Move David Price But Why

It always amazes me how teams GM's are quick to pull the trigger when u are struggling.  The reality of the Tigers is they were not that far out from a wild card spot.  Trading away David Price for some prospects is not something that makes alot of sense.  Yes,  David Price could bolt and you could end up with nothing,  but prospects do not guarantee success either.  I would rather try to win now and worry about signing him down the road.

To many teams start to lose and throw in the towel way to early.  You never know when a team can get on a hot streak and make up alot of ground.  Staying the course longer makes more sense then making a knee jerk reaction and trade away good players.  Always remember a prospect  is not going to always work out.  Give me the proven commodity every time and I will usually see more success.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Cleveland Cavaliers Disappointing In Off-Season Moves

In the off-season your suppose to make yourself better as a team, but I do not see that from the Cleveland Cavaliers so for this off-season. Yes, they had injuries and that hurt them, but in reality they have not gotten any better. Other teams have improved themselves and it looks like Cleveland is content going into the new season with the same basic group they had when they lost the NBA Championship. It is true some of those players were not available for the Finals and that had an impact on them losing. Getting better is the key and right now in my opinion the Cavaliers are no better off then when they lost the NBA Finals.

Making some kind of effort would be nice, but right now the Cavaliers are trying to resign the same players they had. Now James wanted the bulk of the team back, but it just means he will be doing everything once again. I do not believe that is a good thing. James gets tired towards the end of the season and wears down. He is not as young as he once was. This is why he is going to need more rest and the Cavaliers should look to bring some more talent in to the roster. If they do not I think we could see a repeat of last season.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Tom Brady Decision Can Effect The 2015 Season In Many Ways

Tom Brady is waiting for a decision from the commissioner on what his future will look like for the 2015 football season. Many people do not realize how his suspension could have an impact in their team. New England with Tom Brady is a very good team, but without him the Patriots could lose those games. The impact could help certain teams make the playoffs depending on scheduling  and wins and losses.

The suspension has everyone in pins and needles to see if they will have to face Brady this coming season.  The announcement of the decision is something that may not come right away.  Either way once it is announced  other legal options could be used by Brady if he is not happy with suspension length or wording.

No matter what happens I do not think this is not going to end anytime soon. Brady does not want to sit any games at all,  but do not see that happening.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Is This The Right Move For Braxton Miller And The Buckeyes?

By now everyone knows that the Ohio State Buckeyes will probably be moving Braxton Miller to HB/wideout this coming season. Many people feel this is a good move for the Buckeyes and Miller. I am not so sure about that one. There are many different things I do not like about the move, and some I do like. Let us look deeper into this and see what the right move is for Braxton Miller and The Buckeyes.

Now this will give the Buckeyes a chance to add another offensive weapon to there already talented offense. Many people think that is a good thing. In one way it is and another way it is not. This gives Miller a chance at another injury which you really do not want to see. Yes, Ohio State has plenty of quarterbacks, but you never are guarantee they will play like they did last season. Miller should benefit from the change in the sense his draft stock should rise if he does well. It could also fall if he gets injured or struggles in his new role.

In the end, I just think you are risking too much and losing him for all year is not what you want to do. If you limit his playing time that is an option, but wont make him happy. Either way you go there are pluses and minuses. I'm glad I'm not making this call on this young man's future.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Did Cleveland Really Make The Right Moves?

Well the Cleveland Cavaliers made some moves, but none in my opinion is going to help them. Last season the Cavaliers had an outstanding season and many people felt if Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving had not gone down they would have won it all. I am not one of those people though, as I think the Cavaliers could have taken it to seven games, but would have still lost the game. Let's look at what the Cavaliers have done so far this free agency period.

Cleveland has resigned Kevin Love, Iman Shumpert, and Tristan Thompson to contracts. Now this team is starting to look like last season's team all over which is something I was hoping the Cavaliers would not do. I understand the reasoning behind it, but would have rather seen them go in a different direction. Signing Iman Shumpert to a 40 million dollar contract was way to much. He does not bring much to the table but defense and he is not worth that kind of money.  The other two needed to be signed if the Cavaliers wanted any chance to contend this coming season.

Lebron James wanted to same basic roster back and we all know how much input he has on the team. James basically runs the franchise and whatever he wants the team tends to do. Sometimes that can be good, but most of the time it is not. Unless they make some signing in the future I do not look for the Cavaliers to win the championship next season either. It will be a team out of the Western Conference as the Cavaliers did not improve any at all. Even in the Eastern Conference the Cavaliers could find it a little tougher in the playoffs as well.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Should Pete Rose And Others Be In The Hall Of Fame?

I just read an very interesting article from Jayson Stark who is one of my favorite writers about why Pete Rose should be in the Hall Of Fame. He makes some good points and I tend to agree with him. Where do we draw the line in the sand. Can we really have a true Hall Of Fame and not have Baseball's all time hit leader not in it. Other players such as Barry Bonds should also be included in the Hall Of Fame. Stark made a good point about putting something on the plaque about how they cheated the game as well would serve a purpose.

Yes, Pete Rose did lie and so did Bonds, but we need to look past that and look at the accomplishments. We cannot keep these players out forever. Yes, they cheated the game, but put up some impressive numbers. Rose probably will never get into the Hall Of Fame and that is a shame. We need to look past what he did and count his accomplishments more. As long as his plaque reads he lie and gambled on baseball what is the harm putting that on it. At least we will have the pea ce of mine we have one of the best players to play the game of baseball.

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