Thursday, July 2, 2015

Did Cleveland Really Make The Right Moves?

Well the Cleveland Cavaliers made some moves, but none in my opinion is going to help them. Last season the Cavaliers had an outstanding season and many people felt if Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving had not gone down they would have won it all. I am not one of those people though, as I think the Cavaliers could have taken it to seven games, but would have still lost the game. Let's look at what the Cavaliers have done so far this free agency period.

Cleveland has resigned Kevin Love, Iman Shumpert, and Tristan Thompson to contracts. Now this team is starting to look like last season's team all over which is something I was hoping the Cavaliers would not do. I understand the reasoning behind it, but would have rather seen them go in a different direction. Signing Iman Shumpert to a 40 million dollar contract was way to much. He does not bring much to the table but defense and he is not worth that kind of money.  The other two needed to be signed if the Cavaliers wanted any chance to contend this coming season.

Lebron James wanted to same basic roster back and we all know how much input he has on the team. James basically runs the franchise and whatever he wants the team tends to do. Sometimes that can be good, but most of the time it is not. Unless they make some signing in the future I do not look for the Cavaliers to win the championship next season either. It will be a team out of the Western Conference as the Cavaliers did not improve any at all. Even in the Eastern Conference the Cavaliers could find it a little tougher in the playoffs as well.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Should Pete Rose And Others Be In The Hall Of Fame?

I just read an very interesting article from Jayson Stark who is one of my favorite writers about why Pete Rose should be in the Hall Of Fame. He makes some good points and I tend to agree with him. Where do we draw the line in the sand. Can we really have a true Hall Of Fame and not have Baseball's all time hit leader not in it. Other players such as Barry Bonds should also be included in the Hall Of Fame. Stark made a good point about putting something on the plaque about how they cheated the game as well would serve a purpose.

Yes, Pete Rose did lie and so did Bonds, but we need to look past that and look at the accomplishments. We cannot keep these players out forever. Yes, they cheated the game, but put up some impressive numbers. Rose probably will never get into the Hall Of Fame and that is a shame. We need to look past what he did and count his accomplishments more. As long as his plaque reads he lie and gambled on baseball what is the harm putting that on it. At least we will have the pea ce of mine we have one of the best players to play the game of baseball.

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Darryl Hamilton Dead At 50 As Apparent Muder-Suicide Took His Life

Darryl Hamilton former Major League Baseball player has died of an apparent murder-suicide at his home. According to police his girlfriend may have shot him multiple times then turned the gun on herself. The couple has a 15 month old child as well. Hamilton played a number of seasons if the Major Leagues and was a good player. A lifetime .291 hitter he was a player that loved the game and always played hard and did whatever was needed to get the win.

I was lucky enough to meet Hamilton and got his autograph and he was a classy guy. He always found time for the fans and signing autographs. He played for a number of different teams, but everywhere he played his teammates have fond memories of him. He was the kind of guy that was a total team player. He will be missed as he was a special ballplayer. If you ever met him he would always put a smile on your face. Fun guy to talk to and a hard worker on and off the field. R.I.P. Darryl Hamilton.

Pete Rose Waves Goodbye To Hall Of Fame As His Betting As A Player Surfaces

Pete Rose had hoped for a chance to make the Hall Of Fame, but it looks like that will never happen anytime soon. Outside The Lines has unearthed a notebook which shows Pete Rose bet on baseball games as a player. This is really disappointing news for many fans whom had hoped Rose was going to be able to make the Hall Of Fame before he died. Now he will never get in and the only person Rose can blame is himself for it. He holds the all-time hits record and it's sad to know he will never make it in.

For  Rose he has always denied betting on baseball as a player, but it looks like there is evidence to the contrary. Hopefully, the story is not true, but it does not look good for Rose. It's a shame it has come down to this, but it looks like that is where we are at with Pete Rose. Lying throughout his career since retirement is something Pete will be known for and that is a shame. Pete's legacy will be nothing but lies and it should not have been that way at all. We will have too see how this all plays out, but hopefully this story is just not true, but not looking good right now.

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Where Does A-Rod Rank Among The Game's Elite

Alex Rodriguez has now gotten 3,000 hits and over 500 home runs and owns many major league records, but where does he rank among the elite. This is an interesting question as you must look at many different things when you talk about A-Rod. One of the things you really do not need to look at is his numbers. They are some of the best around, but many people want to put an asterisk around those numbers, and I guess they should have the right to do that considering A-Rod's past.

Everyone knows A-Rod has used steroids and have been suspended for it a good amount of games. Now I think this should factor into it, but the question is how much of a factor. It is hard not to consider him an elite player as he showed what he could do before steroids. As a Mariner and a Rangers play he put up some very good numbers. He continued that as he moved to the Yankees. The real question which is anyones guess is when he started using steroids. No one really has an answer for that one.

The way I look at it is A-Rod was an elite prospect and would be an elite player no matter what. Taking it all away because of some mistakes is just not fair. I look for A-Rod to get the benefit of the doubt over time. He will get into the Hall Of Fame eventually it will just take some time for it to happen.

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Saturday, June 20, 2015

MLB Baseball Wipe Out Some Royals Fans Ballots As Too Excessive

It seems the Kansas City Royals fans know how to vote and vote very well. Kansas City fans voted enough to have around seven possible starters for the mid-season classic. MLB did not find alot in humor in what the fans were trying to do. MLB voided some millions of fans votes. You are allowed to vote up to 35 times, but according to Major League Baseball some people were way over that amount so some votes were voided. You cannot blame Major League Baseball as they are just doing the right thing. No one city should dominate the voting that way.

Fans come to the all-star game to watch a variety of players and no team should dominate the lineup. I do  agree with Major League Baseball on you just can't let the voting  be rigged. There has to be a point where you have to stop it. Should MLB take away the voting from the fans? Many people are voicing that is what should happen.

I think that we need to put some kind of rules in about voting for the fans. I do not know how to do it but we cannot have voting rigged for this event. Players should be chosen on a certain formula not just who gets the most votes from the fans. Hopefully, after what has happened in this years voting some changes must be made. I hope they do not take it away from the fan's as in my opinion that would not be fair.

Friday, June 19, 2015

What's Next For The Cavaliers?

What is next for the Cleveland Cavaliers and there team moving forward. Las Vegas already has them as the favorite to win it, but I am not so sure about that one just yet. Cleveland has a lot of issues that must be address this off season. LeBron James and Kevin Love will both probably opt out and must be resigned. Both players have indicated they want to be back with the Cavaliers and will resign with them.

Does resigning those two guarantee anything for the Cavaliers? The answer is no because that is only three players. Cleveland must improved there second unit if they want a chance for a title. The problem is finding those players in free agency. Other teams will also try and get them under contract as well. I do not think the real issue will be that for the Cleveland Cavaliers it will be LeBron James. No signing him won't be a problem it is all the other problems he brings to the team. Let's look at some of those issues right now.

LeBron James maybe the best player in the league right now but he is dong some things that will turn off other players. Chris Bosh said it best when he said it is tough playing basketball with LeBron James. He runs the team and some players that rubs the wrong way. There is a coach on the team, but LeBron basically overrules the coach in Cleveland. Players like a structure atmosphere and with James around many times that is not the case. For as good as James is he just has to much power as a player and that is why many guys don't want to play with him.