Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Freddy Peralta Has Shown He Can Be An Elite Pitcher.

Freddy Peralta over the years has slowly progressed through the organization and has shown now what he can do. The last few years Peralta has struggled, but the Brewers has faith in him. This season he has rewarded with the Brewers with a 7-2 start and one of the most consistent starters on the staff.

Will Freddy Peralta get his first All-Star nod this season? I think he has a great chance the way he is going. Josh Hader right now is an automatic bid and Peralta is in the running for a spot. Corbin Byrnes and Brandon Woodruff are also in the running for a spot.

When Peralta came up he had only one pitch, but has worked on a variety of pitches.  No longer can hitters look for just want pitch from Peralta anymore. The one thing that I love about Peralta is his desire to succeed. When he walks a guy he gets upset. That’s the kind of pitcher you want on your staff a guy who wants to be the best every time out.

Peralta is still very young and has been good years ahead of him. For the Brewers he is still at a great price as they extended him awhile back. These days young starters are hard to come by, but so far Peralta has been a gem for the Brewers.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Michigan Basketball Carving It's Own Niche In College Basketball

 When Juwan Howard was given the reins of the Michigan Basketball program no one really knew how it was going to work out. Yes, Howard was a Michigan guy but that is not a given that he would have success. Could he get guys to buy in on what he was selling. As a player, Howard was a guy who did whatever it took to win games. Would his persona be what Michigan Basketball would become in 2021?

Along the way, there are always bumps in the road and Juwan Howard has been able to gravitate the Covid-19 waters and his team is playing deep into the tournament. Howard has a very talented team that has played well together. I've been able to watch of there tournament games and you can see his imprint on the program. Michigan moves the ball well and plays team defense. Players have that tough mentality that Howard play with when he was younger.

Michigan could make it all the way to the NCAA Championship game because they have a coach who believes in them and who has been there before. This team has grown over the last two months of the season. They have been battle-tested and the sky is the limit for them. No one expected Michigan to be this good this fast under Juwan Howard. Of course, he was part of the Fab5 so he definitely knows about winning and it's showing.

Ted Simmons One Player People Forget About Behind The Plate

 Here as Baseball Blogging Network, we try to give guys some love people sometimes overlook or forget about. People know I love Milwaukee Brewers players and one guy often overlooked is Ted Simmons. When you talk about great catchers names like Berra, Bench, and Mike Pizza are mentioned, but you will be hard-pressed to find someone to name Ted Simmons. Why isn't Ted Simmons named more when you talk about catchers. Let's take a look at Ted Simmons and his career and see what he accomplished.

Ted Simmons was a Silver Slugger winner and an 8-time All-Star along with finally getting elected into the Hall Of Fame in 2020 by the veteran's committee. Simmons played a total of 21 years which consisted of 13 in St. Louis, 5 in Milwaukee, and 3 with the Atlanta Braves. During his career, he had some impressive numbers for a catcher that many people seem to dismiss.

Six times he hit 20 or more home runs and three times he hit 100 or more RBI's in a season. He played 2,456 games and garnered 2,472 hits and 8 times he batted .300 or better in a season. Simmons numbers were very consistent across the board and was a very good defensive catcher. Being a switch hitter also made him a very dangerous hitter and a guy you could play against anyone. His 182 switch-hitting home runs rank #1 in the National League.

Ted Simmons may not be a household name to many, but during his time in the MLB he was a gritty tough ballplayer that you could count on day after day. He gave you everything he had and now he is in the Hall Of Fame. Well deserved for a guy who played 21 years in Major League Baseball.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

What Will Jackie Bradley Jr Bring To The Brewers?

 Many people wonder why the Milwaukee Brewers signed Jackie Bradley Jr and I will admit I was one of those people as well. I figured the Brewers were set in the outfield with veterans and young talent, but signing Bradley was interesting, to say the least. Let's look at what Bradley Jr will bring to the Milwaukee Brewers this coming season.

Based on his Major League averages were looking at around 120 hits, 18 home runs, and 70 RBI's for a season. His average of .239 will not wow you by any stretch of the imagination that's for sure. So what does Bradley Jr bring is it's just average numbers by MLB standards? It's simple he brings defense and a lot of it. With the outfielders, the Brewers got he will help cover even more ground in the outfield. Bradley Jr will be able to help you offensively, but he is a gold glove outfielder.

Milwaukee didn't sign Bradley Jr for his offense he was signed for his defense. The Brewers were probably thinking they didn't want what happened to them last year when they lost Lorenzo Cain to Covid. They are covering there bases by having an adequate supply of outfielders this season. Bradley is a great addition and the Brewers should be applauded for getting another great outfielder to add to the mix.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Kolton Wong Becomes A Milwaukee Brewers Player After 8 Seasons With Cardinals

 The one thing I do like about the Milwaukee Brewers they always looking to improve on things and with the signing of Kolton Wong they did just that quickly. Wong has won two consecutive Gold Glove awards and is a good hitter as well. He will not overwhelm you with his offense but is solid and consistent. Defensively is where Wong excels and that is something that you can never have enough of that's for sure.

By adding Wong Milwaukee will probably move some guys around and put them in positions that are better suited for them. The only real problem with this signing is we need to find a spot for some other players. Could Milwaukee be looking to trade away some guys? This is a possibility but I would not look for that right now.

Depth is something in baseball you can never have enough of as injuries can derail a season very quickly. Milwaukee will find places for everyone and once the season gets started you will have guys who play better than others. This is why depth is so important to baseball teams. It's getting harder to find quality players at a good price. Teams that watch how they spend is going to very important this season. Money is tight in baseball after the 2020 season and teams must watch payroll. Milwaukee is no different than any other smart market team.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Tom Brady Playing With House Money Right Now

  When Tom Brady decided to leave New England many people felt Brady was making  a mistake after all, could he actually win without Coach Bill. Brady was betting on himself when he went into free at agency. Eventually, Brady ended up in Tampa Bay a team that hasn't sniffed the playoffs in a number of years. Brady thought he was the missing piece this talented Buccaneers needed to be a winner.

Brady went through growing pains as he tried to get his teammates to understand  what it takes to be a winner. During a stretch Brady and the Bucs struggled but he kept preaching  patience and commitment to the process. Slowly, the Buccaneers started to gel  and his dream of another Super Bowl was a plausible reality. Once the Buccaneers got into the playoffs Brady knew anything was possible.

Winning three road games would not be easy but we are talking about Tom Brady. After Brady completed the win over the Packers Brady could feel a sense of accomplishment as he now completed  part of the mission. Getting to a Super Bowl is tough and winning it is even harder. We are talking about Tom Brady so nothing should  surprise us anymore.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

NBA Schedule January 23, 2021

January 23, 2021 NBA Schedule pretty bland in my opinion but still have a few games I will try and catch. Miami Heat and the Brooklyn Nets could be interesting. I hope Kevin Durant plays as he missed the game against the Cavaliers last night. Denver Nuggets vs Phoenix Suns could be an interesting game as well. Besides those two games not much to really catch in the NBA this Saturday night. 

Philadelphia 76ers

Detroit Pistons


Miami Heat

Brooklyn Nets


New Orleans Pelicans

Minnesota Timberwolves


Golden State Warriors

Utah Jazz


Los Angeles Lakers

Chicago Bulls


Houston Rockets

Dallas Mavericks


Denver Nuggets

Phoenix Suns


Freddy Peralta Has Shown He Can Be An Elite Pitcher.

Freddy Peralta over the years has slowly progressed through the organization and has shown now what he can do. The last few years Peralta ha...