Friday, September 15, 2023

Deion Sanders And Colorado Must See TV Against Colorado State

 It seems every coach that Deion Sanders coaches against has something to say about him. This week we can add Colorado State's coach Jay Norvell to that ever-growing list. Norvell said when he talks to adults he takes off his hat and sunglasses a reference to Deion who really doesn't. This makes this game a must-watch this week that's for sure. Colorado is favored by double digits, so it will see how this all ends up in the end.

Disrespect is a word that everyone tosses around when we talk about Deion Sanders and his Colorado football team. I've lost count of coaches and players who give out bulletin board material. Sometimes it gives teams incentives, but sometimes it does not. In the end, the best team usually always wins these kinds of games. Most people will point to what the Colorado State coach said as the reason they lost the game if they lose. The bottom line is what someone says doesn't matter at game time. You still must perform on the field when it is time.

Like him or hate him Deion Sanders is good for college football. He keeps people talking about the sport and watching it as well. Anytime more people are watching the games it's a good thing. No matter who wins this game it's all good for college football.

Friday, March 24, 2023

MLB 2023 Season Preview Buckle Up The Ride Will Be Wild

 Every year it seems MLB seasons get wilder and wilder in the 2023 season promises to be just as crazy. We have the New York Yankees and the New York Mets as two of the better teams in Major League Baseball, but that does not guarantee any things these days. It seems there always is a team that comes out of left field that no one really considered and that could happen again this year.

The New York Mets are loaded this season, but can they put it all together is the question. Sometimes getting all the pieces to fit into place can take some time. The San Diego Padres are another team that has a very potent lineup that could give teams a lot of problems. Then you head over to the American League East and all of those teams are good and getting better it seems. This is why it is hard to handicap a winner in the 2023 MLB season.

Hold on to your hats this season is going to be wild. There will be plenty of drama along with good pitching and defensive gems to see. Who is standing at the end of this race is hard to predict. It will be fun and exciting to see who is left standing at the end of this journey.

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

George "Boomer" Scott Gets His Day In The Sun At Fenway Park On April 4th

 George "Boomer" Scott will be honored On April 4th at Fenway Park in a ceremony. I am glad to see George Scott being honored as he was one of my favorite players and more people need to know about his legacy. His son George Scott III has been keeping his dad's legacy alive and this honor is something I'm sure George Scott would have loved a lot. Many younger fans never got the chance to see George Scott and that is a shame. 

George Scott is like many former players MLB baseball sometimes forgetting about the contributions they make to the sport. George tallied 271 Home Runs and 1,051 RBI's in his Major League Career. Scott is the All-Time Red Sox leader in games played at first base, along with his 944 starts. Scott enjoyed his time with the Redsox as he started his career there and flourished. Many people remember Scott for calling his home runs taters, but he was so much more than just a home run hitter.

One of the areas George took great pride in was his ability as a defensive first baseman. George won a total of 8 Gold Gloves. At one point he won five straight Gold Gloves as a member of the Milwaukee Brewers. He even had a nickname for his glove it was called Black Beauty. Many people need to realize how good George Scott was as a player.

The Red Sox will be honoring him on April 4th, 2023 lets hope we have a packed house to honor this baseball great. His contributions will never be forgotten and now he has his day for his family and friends to celebrate his legacy.

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Why Does Everyone Hate Lebron James?

 When Lebron James came into the league, he was considered the Chosen One. Before he could shoot at an NBA basket everyone was anointing him as the greatest of all time. Now those were some lofty goals to achieve and from it he took a lot of heat. The bad part it was not of his doing it was mostly press clippings that people wrote about James. Let's take a closer look at the hatred of Lebron James and why it still persists today.

Lebron James was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers and given the job to win them a championship. Everyone thought with James it would happen quickly, but it did not work out that way. James pulled his weight, but a championship eluded him earlier in his career. After some time he decided he needed to go play somewhere else and moved on to Miami. Cleveland fans took it very hard and burned his jerseys and so the hatred began. 

In Miami, he enjoyed some success winning championships, but the hatred seems to grow for him. He did not like the perception he was giving out and eventually went back to Cleveland. He was welcomed back, but not everyone was receptive to him coming back. He did finally fulfill his dream and get the Cavaliers and the City Of Cleveland a Championship. People thought he would retire as a Cavalier, but James had other ideas. He eventually decided he wanted to play for the Los Angeles Lakers so the hatred grew so more.

In Los Angeles, he has won a championship, but for the most part, it has been a struggle. LeBron James has always just wanted people to appreciate his talent and his ability on the court. The hatred just seems to grow with him and he has helped it grow as well. People never want to see their idols get passed by someone else and that is what James is trying to do. It happens in every sport and will continue to as well.

In the end, we should enjoy the time we have Lebron James and his great talent. He is a rare player that does not come along all the time. Like him or hate him you cannot dispel how talented he is and what a great basketball player he has become over the years.

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Have We Seen The Last Of Tom Brady?

 Tom Brady has had a career no one ever thought he would, so you cannot blame him if he decides to walk away. After last night's loss to the Dallas Cowboys, many people think he just does not have it anymore. I'm not in that thinking at all. Tampa Bay's offense had a lot of issues and you cannot lie that all at Tom Brady's lap. Have we seen the last of Tom Brady? Let's take a closer look at what he could do in the future.

First and foremost retirement is an option as he does have a big fat contract with Fox Sports he could go to right now. I do not see Brady doing that though, as he still loves the game of football and wants to go out as a winner, not a loser. Will Brady return to the Bucs? Do not look for Brady to return to Tampa Bay as they have too many issues and he does not want to deal with them at his age.

There are a few teams that make sense for Tom Brady. He wants a team that he can help lead that is talented and ready to win a Super Bowl. He wants to be that missing piece that they need. If Brady can find the perfect fit look for Brady to play for another team before he retires. If he does get lucky enough to get to another Super Bowl I think that will be the last ride for him. He wants to go out on top and he will chase that dream until he cannot play any longer.

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Brewers Going Down On The Farm

 As the Brewers baseball faithful watch, all MLB teams sign players Milwaukee sits by the wayside with their wallets zipped up tightly. If you are waiting for the Brewers to sign a big name to a big contract you might as well wait for your lottery ticket to hit as well. Milwaukee is not going to be a spender in free agency this off-season. They will be going farming in 2023 to fill out the Brewers roster.

What is farming you may ask? It’s simply relying on the Minor Leagues to fill out your roster. Milwaukee has some talent they have been grooming for the last few years. Those are the players that Milwaukee will be counting on to lead them to the playoffs in 2023. Many Brewers fans may not have heard of these players, but if they perform well Milwaukee would have made the correct decision.

Was this the right decision for Milwaukee and its fans? I guess only time will tell if it was a good decision. Good decision or bad Brewers fans should be used to ownership not spending a lot of money in free agency. Maybe this one time it will work out, but only time will tell.

Friday, April 8, 2022

Aaron Judge Betting On Himself Turns Down 230 Million Dollar Contract Extension From Yankees

 Aaron Judge was hoping for a contract extension getting done before the season got started, but it did not happen. The Yankees offered around 230 million dollars, but apparently Judge was looking for more. Judge is betting on himself and he could win out or lose out on alot of money and this is why.

Judge is a talented player and has proved to be a very good hitter and outfielder for the Yankees. The problem is he has had a history on injuries throughout his career as well. If he gets hurt again this year he may find it tough to get an offer like the Yankees offered him. The Yankees outfielder is betting on himself to stay healthy and have a great season to get top dollar. Thats a risky bet in my opinion. When you get a chance to get good money you take it when it is offered.

I can understand what Judge is doing and it may work out for him. It could also go south for him as well. I guess we will have to wait and see how this all plays out in the end. The Yankees could decide to save the money and go in a different direction or offer less if Judge has a subpar season in 2022 or is injured.

Deion Sanders And Colorado Must See TV Against Colorado State

 It seems every coach that Deion Sanders coaches against has something to say about him. This week we can add Colorado State's coach Jay...